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Friday, September 13, 2013 - International conference expands knowledge of credit analysis

More than 70 international academics and practitioners gathered in Basel, Switzerland, to discuss latest academic research on topics such as ratings, regulation, relationship banking, and credit portfolio models at the Second International Conference on Credit Analysis and Risk Management in early September.

The Department of Finance and Accounting at Oakland University’s School of Business Administration organized the conference along with the Institute for Finance (IFF), School of Business, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland and the Universities of Basel, Hohenheim (Germany), Regensburg (Germany) and St. Gallen (Switzerland).

Keynotes were Guy Lachappelle, CEO, Basler Kantonalbank; Imene Rohmouni-Rousseau, Financial Stability Board, and Markus Heusler, RSN Risk Solution Network AG. Presenters and discussants came from places such as University of Luxembourg, University of Oxford, University of Colonge, Goethe University, University of St. Gallen and Oakland University as well as HypoVereinsbank, UniCredit, Oliver Wyman, Deutsch Bundebank and Swiss Financial Market Authority. Topics discussed included ratings; regulation; CDS and bond pricing; relationship lending; and credit portfolio models.

Participants agreed that the recent and ongoing global financial crisis has exposed a weakness in credit analysis in the financial system. By encouraging the exchange of knowledge from multiple perspectives, the conference contributed to addressing these weaknesses and raising awareness for future challenges in the field of credit analysis and affiliated areas.

Attendees and organizers deemed the conference a great success and the ideal platform to expand the knowledge of credit analysis through discussion of both existing and new methods on the subject. Various keynote speakers from the Financial Stability Board, the German Bundesbank, and other major financial institutions provided first-hand insights from a practitioner’s perspective.

A special issue of Kapital und Kredit will be devoted to the conference, and Cambridge Scholars Publishing will publish a book of conference presentation summaries.

The conference was sponsored by Moody's Analytics.

View photos on the conference website here. Conference event details are available here for reference.