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SBA strategy encourages impactful research
Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Message from the Dean At the SBA, we believe the research conducted here should meet the needs of multiple stakeholders within the academic community, impact the institution and its stakeholders, and support surrounding businesses and organizations In academia, we often talk about applied research or linking theory to practice. This refers to the application of research methodologies in solving real-world business problems and ensuring students apply what they learn in the classroom to a practical problem.
New online business analytics track among enhancements to MSITM program
Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rapid growth in the business analytics (BA) field is just one driver behind the changes the SBA has made to its Master of Science in Information Technology Management (MSITM) program.

The facts tell the story: BA is set to become the top technology priority according to a 2011 Gartner survey of 2,335 CIOs. A rapidly growing field, BA provides insights that help businesses make more informed decisions as they work to develop strategies for future growth.

A look at other surveys conducted in late 2011 show that companies across industries plan to maintain or increase their investment in business intelligence spending in 2012.

A new focused BA track for the SBA's MSITM program is a significant new feature. Other program enhancements are just as compelling, and include delivering the SBA's advanced degree program through a combination of online and on-campus courses that can be completed in one year. In addition, all students accepted into the MSITM-BA track program, including full-time foreign students, can take advantage of in-state tuition rates.

Union leader: As membership declines, the middle class shrinks
Friday, December 02, 2011

The difference between the rich and poor today is the largest since the 1920s, a labor leader says.

Changes in the economy seem to contribute to a decline in the amount of middle-income earners, with the biggest reason being declining union membership, according to former Michigan AFL-CIO President Mark T. Gaffney.

“I think we are at risk of heading towards a permanent underclass that will be less skilled,” he said.

Gaffney spoke at Oakland University about the relationship between declining unions and the shrinking middle class as a part of the 2nd annual fall lecture series sponsored by the School of Business Administration economics advisory board.

Message from the Dean: Student-centered strengths
Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Building a student-centered culture -- one that includes a strong curricular foundation, extracurricular programs and physical space -- is a goal that OU's School of Business Administration is committed to. What began decades ago with an emphasis on introducing hands-on experiences to students has evolved into fully integrating experiential learning into our strong curricular foundation.


In this issue of SBA Insight Online -- and the print issue which is in production -- you'll read about the many ways how the SBA is living its student-centered commitment, and the benefits the students receive.
New minor offers students tools to realize entrepreneurial dreams
Friday, September 09, 2011

Since childhood Brian Fairbrother has dreamed of creating his own business.


“I’ve always been an entrepreneur,” says Fairbrother, a production operations/management major from Shelby Township. “When I was 12, I used to go around to the construction workers in my neighborhood selling pop.”


Fairbrother took a significant step toward realizing his entrepreneurial goals earlier this year when he decided to capitalize on one of the SBA’s newest opportunities, its new entrepreneurship minor.

Credit Conference attracts national attention, focus on prevention of future financial meltdowns
Thursday, August 11, 2011

Scholars and practitioners from across the world gathered at Oakland University (OU) School of Business Administration (SBA) in late July for the inaugural International Conference on Credit Analysis and Risk Management. The three-day conference focused on expanding knowledge of credit analysis, and encouraging the development of new and effective models to make credit-granting decisions.


Hosted by the SBA’s Department of Accounting and Finance, the conference offered nearly 60 academics and field experts with the opportunity to present individual research projects and interject in open-form discussion.


Offering keynote and panel discussions from experts around the world, the conference is attracting national attention. In fact, The Journal of Credit Risk has committed to devoting one or more special issues to the conference, and Cambridge Scholar’s Publishing has contracted to publish an entire book on the conference.

International conference to focus on improving credit analysis
Wednesday, June 22, 2011
The recent global financial crisis has exposed weaknesses in risk management, generally, and in credit analysis, specifically. The School of Business Administration (SBA) is working to advance knowledge of credit analysis by coordinating and sponsoring its first international conference bringing practitioners and academics together on Oakland University's campus July 21 to 23, 2011
MIS program offers unique hands-on experience in complex field
Thursday, June 02, 2011

Businesses are often challenged at how to meet today's unprecedented cyber security obstacles. In a field that is experiencing a shortage of experts, a recent IBM-sponsored survey indicates businesses are looking for college graduates to have both the technical expertise and the business skills.


And, that's exactly what the Decision and Information Sciences program at OU's School of Business Administration delivers. A strong program taught by recognized experts in the field, the SBA is enriching the student experience with the new Security Network Instructional Lab that opened in March.


The lab expands classroom learning and business savvy with actual hands-on experience in the complex field of network security by offering students dynamic, real-life opportunities to explore the constant threat of viruses, worms, spy-ware, zero-day attacks and much more, while also developing critical business management skills. Information Systems Security class instructors can create a sand box for students, isolated from the Internet and Oakland University’s internal systems. This enables students to experiment with malware and simulated attacks in a realistic environment that is safe.



"You simply cannot put a dollar value on the hands-on experience this lab provides SBA students," says Richard Schneider, SBA '10 (MSITM), service sales manager, Sourcefire.


New entrepreneurship minor develops skills to find, launch successful ventures
Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Long before they start drafting a business plan, budding entrepreneurs at Oakland University soon will be researching, testing and fine-tuning the ideas that one day could result in new businesses.


That systematic approach will be key to Oakland’s new entrepreneurship minor, approved in March and scheduled to launch its first classes this fall.


Oakland’s School of Business Administration is introducing the interdisciplinary program -- open to all OU undergraduates -- to support new growth and employment opportunities in and for Michigan.